Food Smoking History In A Nutshell

Food Smoking History In A Nutshell

Posted on: October 04, 2023

Food smoking is one of the ancient methods of cooking. The method was practiced when there was no oven, microwave, griller, smoker, or even a refrigerator. This barbeque process of cooking was done in smokehouses.

Food smoking is one of the ancient methods of cooking. The method was practiced when there was no oven, microwave, griller, smoker, or even a refrigerator. This barbeque process of cooking was done in smokehouses.

The ancient method of food smoking is not only prevalent today but has undergone several evolutions. Let’s take a look at the journey of food smoking from ancient times till date.

Food smoking in ancient times

We can say that food smoking has existed since the time fire was invented. Ancient man used to cure meat over fire which produced smoke anyway. This was believed to be a natural way to preserve food for longer. Food smoking helped people to survive during a crisis like seasonal changes and natural calamities. The primary use of the method was to conserve food.

an old handmade smokehouse. antique meat smokehouse

Evolution of food smoking

Presently, food smoking is not done to preserve food like in ancient times but more for the smoky flavor that it imparts to the food. Smoked meat and fish are considered a delicacy now and we all love it for the enhanced flavors and tenderness. Food smoking has evolved from smokehouses to personal food smokers. Wooden logs and coal have been replaced by wood chips and charcoal.

The evolution from smokehouses to food smokers

Previously, there were separate buildings for an entire community that was used only for food smoking. These smokehouses were stacked with fuel and then a dedicated chamber or pit was set on fire. These buildings were considered unsafe and hence were locked to prevent the entry of any human or animal.

As food smoking is considered a method of cooking gourmet food now, smokehouses have been replaced by personal food smokers. These smokers have electrical controls and user-friendly features to make food smoking effortless yet perfect. Even the fuel is flavored to further enhance the taste of the food.

Benefits of food smoking

Enhanced flavors: Smoking enhances the flavor of meat and fish as it is cooked slowly. When the raw marinated meat is smoked, it absorbs all the flavors in the process. This intensifies the taste, color, and smell of the food.

Food preservation: Smoking dehydrates the meat, curing its chemical properties. This helps to preserve the meat for longer without compromising its quality and taste.

Food safety: Smoking dries up the meat to form an acidic coating on the outer layer. This prevents bacterial growth for a long time keeping it away from any kind of food contamination or food poisoning.

How to choose the best food smoker

A self-sufficient smoker will make food smoking fun and effortless. A pro-smoker can do most of the work while you can relax after filling up the fuel chamber and setting the temperature. Also, a pro food smoker will make the process faster than any conventional method of food smoking.

Thankfully, Bradley Smoker is one such option available that has all the advanced features of a pro-smoker to give you the most delectable smoky flavored food. Bradley Smoker works with Bradley Bisquettes to further enhance the flavor of the food.

Let’s check out some Bradley tips & tricks to choose the right food smoker.

Cooking in clean smoke: Toxic smoke coming from burnt wood chips can turn the food bitter and foul-smelling. Wood Chips should be replaced immediately before it turns into ash.

This is where most other food smokers need babysitting, but not Bradley Smoker. Bradley Smoker has unique clean smoke technology that prevents the wood from turning to ashes. Moreover, Bradley Bisquettes are flavored wood chips that generate flavored smoke to further enhance the taste of the food. Bradley Bisquettes are designed to burn longer, dissipating uniform heat, and automatically extinguishes before turning to ash.

Automatic temperature setting: Every food requires a target temperature for cooking. This is where automatic temperature controls are necessary for a hassle-free food smoking experience. Bradley Smoker allows pre-setting desired temperature to cook the food slowly with consistent heat without much intervention.

Automatic feed system: Food smoker requires fuel throughout the cooking process. This can get messy as it produces a lot of ashes. It is not the case with Bradley Smoker because it automatically feeds the fuel to maintain a consistent temperature. Bradley Smoker can work for up to 10 hours without the need for manual refueling.

More Tips

Multiple heating elements: A pro-smoker should generate hot and cold smoke to suit different types of food requirements. Bradley Smoker has controllable heating elements that can function as a hot smoker, cold smoker, dehydrator, and an oven.

Insulated body with magnetic doors: Insulated body ensures user-safety and magnetic doors prevent smoke from escaping the chamber to reduce cooking time. Bradley Smoker comes designed with an insulated stainless steel body, magnetic doors, and removable racks for faster smoking and easy cleaning.

If you are fascinated by the art of food smoking, invest in a smoker that is worth the experience. Choose the food smoker that is self-sufficient to work on its own while you get to spend time with friends and family.

For more great ideas on how to get the most of your Bradley Smoker, check out the awesome articles on our Bradley Smoker Food Smoking Blog for more tips & tricks.