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Top 10 Reasons That Make an Electric Food Smoker Amazing and What To Look For

Posted on: January 21, 2022
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Smoked food can be considered a universal favorite among barbequed meat lovers. The intense smoky flavor that the process imparts to the food is unparalleled when compared to other forms of barbeque like grilling or roasting. Yes, we agree that food smoking is a time-consuming process. But with the right food smoker, it can be really fun. If you are someone who drools over a perfectly smoked succulent steak and wants to replace your offset food smoker with an electric smoker, this article can help.

Here we have discussed the benefits of using an electric food smoker over an offset one and why it provides true value for money. Even if you are new to food smoking and looking forward to buying a food smoker, take this as a guide.

10 Reasons to Choose an Electric Food Smoker

Modern electric smokers can be a boon to gourmet food lovers in several ways. Other than making food smoking interesting, these smokers also offer the most desired results. Here are the reasons that make electric food smokers amazing.

Pork ribs smoked using modern electric smoker

1. Value for money

Imagine buying smoked steaks from a high-end restaurant or getting it done by a pitmaster at a barbeque party. Now multiply it with the number of times you want to have the sizzling smoked barbequed meat for the rest of your life. Yes, that staggering amount can be the cost of the gourmet food you love. Contrary to that, if you are buying an electric food smoker, you can get the same barbequed food at home with less than one-third the cost. Truly, a modern electric food smoker is a lifetime investment for food lovers.

2. Automated temperature control

Advanced food smokers come with automatic controls for heat or temperature. This ensures the meat is cooked at consistently low temperature throughout, just the way pitmasters do it. No hassle to check the heat frequently or poke the steak repeatedly to check the doneness.

3. Pre-set timer

With a modern electric smoker, you can preset the cooking time according to the need of the recipe. The food smoker will continue to cook the food according to the pre-set time to give the desired doneness.

4. No babysitting needed

The smoke that is produced from wood might give the most delectable steak but leaves behind heaps of ashes to be cleaned. Also, the burn out wood needs to be replaced frequently to prevent the food from stinking. Modern electric food smokers have an automatic feeder that keeps the smoker working with some supervision for hours.

5. Cook in clean smoke

Advanced smokers function with wood chips or compressed sawdust chips that produce clean smoke. Bradley Bisquettes are a great example here. When used with Bradley Smoker, these Bisquettes burn for a precise time generating clean flavored smoke to impart a great smoky flavor to the food. Modern smokers are specially designed to let only smoke enter the cooking chamber and not burn out ashes.

6. Multiple heat elements

Advanced food smokers have dial heat elements. This helps to convert it into a hot smoker, cold smoker, dehydrator, and even an oven. Electric smokers are designed to perform all the functions needed to cook gourmet food at home.

7. Great for beginners

Electric smokers are easy to use and don’t need complicated technical knowledge to operate. This means even an amateur at smoking can create delectable sizzling steaks with a little practice.

8. Safety features

Modern smokers are designed keeping in mind the safety of the user. Accidents happen, and with the high temperatures that smokers can reach, it’s important to prioritize safety. Most electric smokers have magnetic doors and an insulated body that not only safeguards the user but also fast-track the food smoking process.

9. Easy to clean

Electric smokers have removable racks and separate burners for smoke and the oven to make cleaning a breeze. Also, the use of Bradley Bisquettes can be an added advantage here. As these woodchips extinguish before turning to ashes, they save all the messy work after a barbeque session.

10. Eco-friendly

Modern electric smokers are power efficient and are designed to cook in minimal smoke due to the airtight chamber. This is great for the environment we breathe in without compromising on the deep, smoky flavor.

Considering all the benefits mentioned above, our suggestion will be to go for an advanced food smoker with a digital console. Modern smokers are designed to enhance the barbequing experience reducing the chores.

Reasons for using quality food smoker

Features to look out for before buying a food smoker

Finally, we would like to highlight some must-have features in a modern electric smoker. If you come across any smoker that doesn’t satisfy these criteria, better not waste your money on poor-quality products.

Hassle-free operation

A pro smoker can work independently without much human intervention. Some smokers can auto-feed wood chips, cook according to pre-set time, and have an internal thermostat to keep the heat under control. Such food smokers can perform independently for up to 8 to 9 hours while you enjoy your time with friends and family.

Quality of construction

A modern smoker comes in a user-friendly design with safety features. it should have all modern features like an insulated body, magnetic door, digital console, and more.


A food smoker shouldn’t solely be limited to hot smoking meats. Many lovers of smoked food also love cold smoked items, like cheese for example. A quality food smoker should be able to perform both hot and cold smoking with perfection. No one prefers to buy separate smokers for hot and cold smoking requirements.

Temperature control

Low and slow is the key phrase in food smoking. A smoker that automatically maintains the pre-set temperature throughout the cooking process is the best pick.

We hope this article has solved your dilemma between choosing an electric and an offset smoker. Now you can do your research and get the best one to start your pitmaster journey.

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