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Smoked Spicy Boar Pepperoni Sticks Recipe

This is a very tasty variation of my original pepperoni sticks recipe. They are a great in-between snack. Smoke them on the weekend and you will have a whole week of pepperoni sticks to look forward to, as your in- between lunch and breakfast snack. They are fairly easy to make.

Also, the spicy boar pepperoni sticks are great to serve at a party. Just cut them in small slices. Serve with some cheese cubes, pickles and you’ll have a great snack platter!


1 Kg boar shoulder meat

300 G beef (I used stew cuts)

36 G salt

4 G black pepper

3.2 G cure #2

6 G sugar

8 G paprika

6 G cayenne

0.5 G chili flakes (about ½ tsp)

3 G anise seeds

0.8 G Mondostart 2M culture


Cube and then finely grind boar & beef together.

Weigh out the remaining ingredients and mix them together.

Mix together with meat until well combined (2-3 minutes in a stand mixer on low speed should do the trick)

Stuff into 22 mm collagen casings. I filled about 2 feet of the casing at a time and pulled the casing off the stuffer, cut the end and twisted it into two pepperoni sticks. Then tie off the open end so they were stuffed firmly.

Ferment at 71ºF for 72 hours, 85-90% humidity.

Cold smoke for 8 hours in your Bradley Smoker with whiskey oak Bradley bisquettes.

Dry at 54-60ºF, 80-85% humidity, for 5-7 weeks (dry until you observe a weight loss of 30%) and then eat up!


By Lena Clayton